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Maybe Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill didn't kill Osama bin Laden

On Wednesday, we finally learned the name of the American commando who fatally shot Osama bin Laden. Maybe.

Retired Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill's name first appeared as bin Laden's assassin on a website run by ex-special ops members, but O'Neill confirmed his role in The Washington Post on Thursday. Two other members of Team Six also took shots at bin Laden, O'Neill said, including Matt Bissonnette, who has also written a book about the bin Laden mission. But O'Neill insists it was he who shot the al Qaeda leader in the forehead, killing him.

Not so fast, a "source close to another SEAL team member" tells Reuters. It was one of the other two SEALs who fired the fatal shot, the source says. Three men, two names. Maybe this will flush out the third SEAL... or maybe he subscribes to the SEAL don't-talk "ethos."