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Alex Rodriguez allegedly peed on his cousin's floor 'to mark the house as his territory'

The strange saga of Alex Rodriguez's PED suspension and legal wrangling took a weird turn Thursday with a report that A-Rod once urinated on his cousin's floor, and not because he mistook it for a bathroom.

Some quick backstory: Rodriguez allegedly procured PEDs from his cousin, Yuri Sucart, whom he then threw under the bus when the feds came calling. (A-Rod told the Drug Enforcement Administration that Sucart tried to extort $5 million from him in exchange for keeping mum about their arrangement.)

So there's bad blood between the two sides. Enter this weird anecdote, given to the New York Daily News by Sucart's wife, Carmen:

She said Rodriguez came to the Miami home Rodriguez provided to the Sucarts in 2010 and vowed to destroy the family if they went public with his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Then he urinated on the floor, she said, as if to mark the house as his territory. [Daily News]

After serving a 162-game suspension, Rodriguez will be back in pinstripes next year.