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MSNBC slams Grimes' concession speech as ungracious

Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic challenger in Kentucky's Senate race, lost by a wide margin to incumbent Mitch McConnell in what was once thought would be a close race. Grimes, it seems, thought the race would be tighter, too: In her concession speech, she appeared frustrated and shellshocked, and she failed to actually concede — or even mention McConnell by name.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton slammed Grimes' speech as ungracious. "That wasn't your usual concession speech," Matthews said. "Usually you congratulate the winner. You say something gracious. You move on. You unify the state to some extent. It was a partisan speech."

He continued: "You have to observe certain protocols in American politics. Just do it, get it over with. You don't have to like the guy." Watch the MSNBC clip at Mediaite.