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ISIS has its own cookbook now

ISIS has its own cookbook now

The Zawra Institution, the ISIS agency for women, has a cookbook for the ladies of the Islamic State.

The institution has released the cookbook's first chapter, which includes "the most savory recipes of the caliphate this season,"Vocativ reports. Recipes include meals that are easy to prepare and are calorie-laden to prepare the terrorists for their missions.

One of the recipes, balls of date mush, requires just three ingredients and is "a quick recipe for a mild appetite to be eaten with coffee or with water ... at any time, especially during the intermission in battles," according to the ISIS forum Tribune Media Jihadist. "They contain significant calories, and will extend the power and strength of the Mujahideen, God willing."

This isn't the first time the Zawra Institution has forayed into homemaking tips — last month, the agency opened a finishing school for women to "prepare sisters for the battlefields of jihad." The school promises to teach women how to sew and cook, among other tasks.