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At 160 ounces with 101 shots, this $83.75 latte is the most expensive Starbucks drink ever

Just because you can order a 101-shot latte at Starbucks, doesn't mean you should.

Last week, William Lewis, a political consultant and talk show host from Florida, broke the record for the most expensive drink ever ordered at Starbucks. For just $83.75, Lewis received 160 ounces of espresso (101 shots), vanilla syrup (17 pumps), and mocha and matcha powder. This broke the record set in July by medical student Sameera Raziuddin (also from the Sunshine State) who created a $57.75 Frappuccino featuring 60 shots of espresso.

Lewis didn't actually pay a dime for those 6,464 milligrams of caffeine — as a Starbucks Gold Card member, he received his beverage for free. Raziuddin's drink was also complimentary thanks to the loyalty program. When Starbucks decides to discontinue this perk, just forward your hate mail to Florida — but until then, grab a keg and ask the barista to fill it up.