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End of an Era

Popular '90s chain Delia's is on life support

In the late 1990s, if you were a teen girl with a mailing address, every few weeks your postman dropped off a Delia's catalog (stylized dELiA*s because remember, this was the '90s). You freaked out, since nothing was more fun than flipping through to see the latest styles that you just had to have. Now, the company is as out of fashion as the butterfly clips and flared jeans it once sold.

Delia's stock was selling at a measly 11 cents a share (or, 5 cents in 1998 dollars) on Friday, and as BuzzFeed reports, the company will likely soon be delisted from the Nasdaq Global Market since it cannot meet standards. Sales over the last four quarters have been down at least 20 percent from previous year, and that's after already having fallen for four consecutive years. For a brand that was once so on trend, it seems they just can't keep up with the demands of today, despite the fact that new CEO Tracy Gardner was one of the executives who turned J. Crew into a powerhouse and was hoping to do the same for the struggling chain.

Many forests were sacrificed due to our insatiable need for more dELiA*s catalogs, so when the time finally comes to say goodbye, go plant a tree in remembrance, and be thankful for all those long denim skirts and platform jelly shoes dELiA*s once provided.