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The Daily Show discovers what keeps Austin weird: Republicans

For its last show in Austin, The Daily Show took a stab at just what makes the blue capital of red Texas so "weird," as the city's unofficial motto proclaims. Samantha Bee found an unexpected culprit: Among all the lefty counterculture, silly couture, and trendy food trucks, five out of the six congressmen who represent Austin in the U.S. Congress are solidly conservative Republicans.

Pretending to be progressive while voting Republican? "You guys are so counterculture," Bee tells one Austin liberal. "I can't even keep up." The real reason is gerrymandering, of course — as explained with unexpected clarity from a man painted lizard green — so until at least the next redistricting session in eight more years, "Austinites are f--ked, with representation that doesn't represent them." Weird. --Peter Weber