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2014 midterms

Republican candidate in tight Arkansas Senate race embraces pro-puppy platform

What do you do when you have less than a week to edge out the Democratic incumbent for the Arkansas Senate seat? If you're Republican candidate Tom Cotton, you come clean in a new ad, finally embracing that most controversial of issues: puppies.

"Mark Pryor and Washington insiders will say anything even if it's false. The next thing you know, they'll say I hate puppies," he says while seated next to a freshly shorn Bichon Frise.

Then the truth comes out.

"OK, I'll admit it took me a little while to warm up to Anna's dog, Cowboy." The camera cuts to Cowboy looking doe-eyed at the camera (good dog). "Just joking, Cowboy. I'm Tom Cotton... and I do love puppies."

The gloves are off. Your move, Sen. Mark Pryor. --Lauren Hansen