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ISIS video claims to show cache of weapons from U.S. airdrop

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that ISIS militants captured a cache of weapons on Monday meant for Kurdish fighters in Kobani, Syria.

A video uploaded online by a group affiliated with ISIS showed rocket-propelled grenade launchers, hand grenades, and ammunition, the Associated Press reports. On Tuesday, ISIS members went on social media to post taunting messages thanking the United States for the weapons.

On Sunday night, the U.S. dropped crates of supplies, including munitions and medicine, for the Kobani Kurds, mostly provided by Kurdish forces in Iraq. It was a windy night, and the U.S. destroyed one cache that landed in ISIS-held territory. These are not the first items from the U.S. to wind up in the hands of ISIS, though; in June, fighters seized millions of dollars worth of U.S. weaponry from Iraqi soldiers. --Catherine Garcia