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Anna Gunn gives her take on what happened to Breaking Bad's Skyler White

Anna Gunn, who played long-suffering wife Skyler to meth-cooking kingpin Walter White on Breaking Bad, presented a rosy denouement for her character in an interview with The New York Times Magazine.

"Skyler was a broken, devastated ghost of a human being in her last scene with Walt. And I think that probably lasts for a while," Gunn said. "Now I like to think she and Marie ended up making peace with each other, and went off to a tropical island and opened a beach hotel."

Gunn admitted, though, that her preferred ending didn't make much of an impression on show creator Vince Gilligan: "When you presented Vince with an idea that he really didn't think was great, he'd say, 'Huh, I like the way you're thinking'.' And that would mean: No."

Read the Times Magazine's full interview with Gunn, here, in which the actress discusses her role on new FOX crime drama Gracepoint, and laments that her daughters are not old enough yet to watch her work.