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Meet Adam, the dog allergic to people

Robin Herman at Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue thought she had seen it all, but a dog named Adam shocked her: The black lab is allergic to people.

When Adam came to her Indianapolis rescue facility, he wasn't in great shape, so she began feeding him the best food available and gave him flea medication, Herman told RTV6. He wasn't progressing as fast as she would like, so Herman took him to a vet who gave him a blood test. She was stunned when the vet told her Adam was allergic to people. "Humans?" Herman said. "I thought [the veterinarian] was kidding. She said just like we can be allergic to dogs, he's allergic to human dander."

The vet has concocted a serum "just like with kids allergies," and Adam will start receiving allergy shots. Herman is looking forward to seeing Adam overcome his condition. "He's smart, he learns, knows a bunch of commands, he's a great dog," she said. "It's not his fault. We raised as much money as we can and we're not going to stop until he's better." --Catherine Garcia