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38 killed in Baghdad attacks

In a new round of attacks in Baghdad on Thursday, at least 38 people were killed, with dozens more wounded.

The attacks targeted Shiite neighborhoods, and the deadliest attack involved two car bombs in the Dolaie neighborhood. The car bombs killed 14 civilians and wounded an additional 34.

Other attacks included a suicide bomber killing 12 people in the Talibiyah neighborhood; a car bomb explosion in the Hurriyah district that killed six civilians; and mortar rounds killing six civilians in the Shula neighborhood. The numbers of the dead and wounded were confirmed by medical officials.

Baghdad has suffered a number of recent attacks from Sunni militants, including members of ISIS as well as other groups. No group has yet claimed responsibility for Thursday's attacks. The Associated Press reports that the death toll since Sunday is now at least 150 people, and most of the deaths have been in Baghdad.