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Firemen save marijuana crop from burning home

A fire crew in Humboldt County, California, put their life-saving skills to different use this week, rescuing a large crop of marijuana from a building before it went up in smoke, reports the local Lost Coast Outpost.

However, saving the herb wasn't uppermost in the crew's mind. "The stuff was in our way," explained chief Marty Hobbs.

Normal procedure is to remove items that block access. "When contents are in our way, we remove it out of the building," he explained. If there is enough firefighters on the scene, Hobbs said, crews will also typically salvage items of importance to the resident. "If there is anything of value — computers, pictures — if we have extra personnel, they'll start taking out anything to protect it from damage." [Local Coast Outpost]

Hobbs, presumably with the aid of an area aficionado, also reported that the weed is still good:

He explained that he doesn't know enough about the crop to speak to its condition but he stated that a local was able to explain that "it was salvageable." [Local Coast Outpost]