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Brett Favre delivers a delightful poetry reading for Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s birthday

Sports legends: They're just like us in that they're not very good at writing poems!

Actually, retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre's birthday poem to NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. is pretty good:

"There once was a man from Carolina / As a driver there's none that were finer / At 40 years old, you're brave and you're bold / But watch it Dale, there's a young guy behind you."

So goes Favre's greeting to "another great person" who celebrated a birthday on Friday. Earnhardt tweeted out a link to the video of Favre reading the lines (with production help from Wrangler, which sponsors both men).

You can watch the video here, which you should definitely do — Favre's dry delivery really screams, "Happy Birthday — here I am on a picnic table!" just so.