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World Series

The Royals are favored to win the World Series

The Kansas City Royals have the best chance of any remaining playoff team to win the World Series, according to Fangraphs' latest forecast now that the LCS matchups are set.

K.C. has a 35.9 percent chance of winning it all, followed by the Cardinals at 25.3 percent, and then the Giants at 22.6 percent. Oddly enough, the remaining team with the best record — the 96-win Orioles — has only a 16.1 percent chance, per Fangraphs.

That's a big shakeup from where things stood when the playoffs began.


But hey, the Royals are finally hitting some home runs after swatting fewer than 100 all year, and their pitching continues to be lights out. All of which means: We could be in for an all-Missouri World Series.