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The Daily Showdown, spouses edition

Jason Jones anchors a special marital-strife Daily Show on Biden, police homicides

It has been a big week for Daily Show regular Jason Jones. The Canadian-born comedian officially became a U.S. citizen last week, and on Tuesday night, with Jon Stewart sick, he got to host the show. Mostly. Citizenship papers in tow, Jones said he's excited to vote in the 2016 presidential election, and his futile rooting for Vice President Joe Biden is a meta-commentary on his replacing Stewart in the big chair.

Jones had a nice riff on Biden telling a Harvard audience about how Turkey and the Gulf Arab states financed and armed various Islamist factions in Syria, including al Qaeda types. "All he did was say the true things we're all thinking," Jones said. "Biden is basically the Seinfeld of vice presidents." He followed that up with a decent Seinfeld impersonation.

The second part of the show features Jones and "Senior My-Wife Correspondent" Samantha Bee — Jones and Bee have been married since 2001. Their husband-and-wife shtick gets some nice airtime before Bee presents her report on the needless impossibility of getting hard numbers on how many civilians the police kill in the U.S. It's an interesting, frustrating segment, well worth sticking around for. Watch for the Nate Silver cameo. --Peter Weber