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Police: Woman caught breaking into cars says she was really hunting ISIS fighters

She's not a thief, officer, she's a patriot: A woman says she wasn't stealing items from cars parked at East Central High School in Hurley, Mississippi, but rather searching for ISIS militants.

Lisa Carol Roche, 41, of Hurley was charged with commercial burglary of an automobile, GulfLive.com reports, after police said she was caught stealing sunglasses and other items from cars parked at the high school, where her children are students. Roche's excuse was simple: She was really attempting to find members of ISIS inside the parking lot.

Roche's past brushes with the law include being arrested for misdemeanor careless driving, felony embezzlement, and felony burglary, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department says. If found guilty, Roche could face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.