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happy birthday!

Watch this centenarian celebrate her birthday with a loop-the-loop plane stunt

Talk about celebrating your birthday right.

Nora Brier, from Suffolk, decided the best way to ring in her 100th birthday was with a plane ride. But not just any flight — Brier wanted to experience a loop-the-loop stunt in a glider. She got her wish, thanks to the Anglia Gliding Club. First, Brier took an acclimation flight, which eased any worries her pilot had; Brier took the controls for a good portion of the first flight.

"I was redundant for half of it," Allison Eke told BBC News. "I think she should take up flighting!"

Then, Brier got a chance to experience the actual loop-the-loop, and called it: "Amazing."

You can watch the entire delightful experience in the video, below. --Sarah Eberspacher