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Poll: Voters say they would most like to kick California out of the U.S.

The recent Scottish referendum got secession talk stirring in the U.S. again. Despite states like Colorado, California, and Texas murmuring constantly about dividing themselves (some have issued petitions to get it done), a new Fox News poll reveals most Americans aren't actually too keen on the idea. Only 9 percent of respondents in the national poll said they would "support their state splitting off from the United States." Seventeen percent, however, said they would like to get rid of a state that's not their own — and 53 percent of those people voted to ditch California.

New York (25 percent) was the second state voters said they would like to see go, followed by Texas (20 percent), and Florida (11 percent).

Democratic pollster Chris Anderson told Fox, "The top four states targeted for expulsion are also the four most electorally rich states in the country." So it makes sense that Democratic states are higher on the list for being booted, since, according to the poll, Republicans (21 percent) are more likely than Democrats (13 percent) to want to vote a state out of the union.