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Man allegedly downs neighbor's drone with a shotgun

Police arrested 32-year-old Russell J. Percenti of New Jersey last week and charged him with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal mischief after he allegedly fired a shotgun "at an aerial remote control 'helicopter' drone flying in the vicinity of his home," Digital Trends reports.

The owner of the drone said he was using the machine to take pictures of a nearby home under construction when he heard several gunshots and then lost control of the drone. When the broken drone was recovered, he said it had "multiple holes that were likely the result of at least one shotgun blast."

The drone's owner called police and pointed them in the direction of Percenti's house, from where the shots seemed to originate. Police discovered the shotgun that was allegedly used in attacking the drone, arrested Percenti, and seized the shotgun as evidence related to the crime.

Percenti posted the 10 percent required minimum of his $2,500 bail and has been released from jail. He may also be responsible for thousands of dollars to compensate the owner of the destroyed drone.

While the FAA's guidelines dictate that all drones must fly below 400 feet, Governor Chris Christie vetoed specific drone legislation New Jersey legislators tried to pass earlier this year.