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Michael Caine: If I don't get a new script I like, I'll retire from acting

Michael Caine's acting career stretches back nearly 60 years — but in a recent interview, the actor admitted that he's on the verge of quitting Hollywood for good. "I have no ambitions now," said Caine in an interview on BBC's NewsNight.

"All I do is, I do films that I feel I really want to do. If I don't get a script — which I don't have [right now] — that entices me out, I'll be done in December, when I do the last picture. The last script I've got."

"I always went into every movie with an aim. It was either to get an Oscar, or to make money. That's the two reasons I do movies. I've got two Oscars, I've got some money, so I'm all right."

Unfortunately, the "last script" Caine is slated to film is Now You See Me 2, the sequel to the surprise hit that was basically just Ocean's Eleven with magicians in it. It's not exactly an ideal career-capper, so enterprising screenwriters: Start churning out great scripts about elderly British guys ASAP.