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face in the sand

There's a giant face on Washington's National Mall

Visitors to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., aren't seeing things: That is a giant face in the six acres next to the Reflecting Pool, west of the National World War II Memorial.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada's "Out of Many, One" is a composite of dozens of photographs the artist snapped across D.C., with dark potting soil placed on top of light sand. The National Portrait Gallery came up with the idea to try something completely different and get art out of museums, The Washington Post says, and after just a few months of planning, it all came together. "Out of Many, One" is expected to last for about a month, and will slowly fade as the weather erodes the soil and sand.

Rodriguez-Gerada has done other large scale projects of this nature, including a giant face of Barack Obama in Barcelona in 2008.