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Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Microsoft just announced Windows 10. It looks very familiar.

Microsoft announced on Tuesday the successor operating system to Windows 8 — and they're skipping a number just to call it "Windows 10."

"When you see the product in its fullness I think you will agree with us that it is a more appropriate name," Microsoft executive Terry Myerson told USA Today.

Some of Windows 10's promoted features may seem a bit familiar, though. Not only will the venerable Start Menu make a comeback on Windows 10, but modern programs will run in resizable windows instead of automatically going full screen, the way they did in earlier iterations of the operating system. Thus, it looks like Microsoft might actually be undoing the radical, tablet-style changes of Windows 8, and bringing back the Windows 7 interface elements that many people liked on their desktop and laptop computers.

Check out Microsoft's official video promoting a preview version that will be released to the public. The company says the final version will be released later in 2015. --Eric Kleefeld