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Crisis in Syria

Human Rights org: U.S. airstrike in Syria killed only civilians, destroyed food supply

A U.K.-based human rights organization, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, says that a recent U.S.-led airstrike in Syria resulted in only civilian casualties. The bombing took out silos that U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) maintains were "being used by ISIS as a logistics hub and vehicle staging facility," but which the Observatory maintains was used exclusively for food storage.

"These were the workers at the silos. They provide food for the people," said Rami Abdulrahman of the human rights group. Abdulrahman's report has not yet been verified.

The death toll of the Syrian civil war is already more than 190,000 in a population of about 23 million, a figure to which ISIS' invasion and U.S. airstrikes will undoubtedly contribute.