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Urban Outfitters is the world's top vinyl seller

Vinyl records are on the rise — but it's not just thanks to your local used record store. At a meeting with analysts Wednesday, Calvin Hollinger, Urban Outfitters' chief administrative officer, said that the chain is the world's top vinyl seller.

"Music is very, very important to the Urban customer... in fact, we are the world's number one vinyl seller," Hollinger said at the meeting. Hollinger explained that Urban has a unique business model for selling records — rather than having a variety of albums online, the company "has a system in place that lets it seamlessly offer inventory from roughly 100 vendors without actually owning that inventory," BuzzFeed reports.

Vinyl records have seen a steady rise in sales from 2007 until today, and Urban Outfitters has played no small part in their revival. Perhaps Urban should focus more on its musical endeavors and less on its notoriously controversial shirts.