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it's only a hearse

Mortuary student told to park her hearse elsewhere

Can't a woman drive her hearse in peace? Samantha Kidner, 18, is a mortuary student whose ultimate dream is to run a funeral home with her twin sister. But for now, her more immediate goal is to be able to park her car at her own apartment complex.

Kidner lives at The Lorenzo in Los Angeles, and said she has been told by management that she cannot park in the lot like everyone else. "They don't want it on the property at all," Kidner told ABC7. Kidner is disabled, and has a handicapped placard, but the complex won't budge, saying that residents find the hearse "creepy."

Their solution? Kidner should park her 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Federal hearse across the street — in the lot of a children's hospital. "I had five brain surgeries as a child," Kidner said. "Parents don't want to come see their kids in the hospital and see a hearse parked in the parking lot."

Kidner is worried about getting evicted from the complex, but because she lives in Los Angeles and needs to get around the sprawling metropolis, she has to have her hearse. "It's a very unique car," she said, "but it's still a car." --Catherine Garcia