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Mexico could impose $1,270 fine after Miley Cyrus twerked on its flag

Pop star Miley Cyrus — best known for putting her butt on Robin Thicke, her backup dancers, and a comically oversized bust of another butt — is in trouble with Mexico for putting her butt on something else this time.

During a performance in Monterey, Mexico, on Tuesday, Cyrus' sidekicks whipped her backside with the Mexican flag, much to the chagrin of local lawmakers who accused her of "desecrating the flag," according to AFP. (The lawmakers did not comment on Cyrus' desecration of Beatles songs nor of listeners' ears, however.)

Punishment for the crime could result in a $1,270 fine and 36 hours in jail for the tour promoter — though not for Cyrus herself.

The Dominican Republic banned a previous stop on Cyrus' Bangerz Tour on "morality grounds."