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Arizona Cardinals' Jonathan Dwyer allegedly head-butted wife for refusing sex

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer allegedly head-butted his wife after she refused his sexual advances, according to a police report of the incident. Dwyer was arrested Wednesday on felony domestic assault charges related to two incidents.

Dwyer allegedly tried to undress his wife despite her repeatedly telling him to stop. When he wouldn't stop, the woman bit his lip, and he then head-butted her in the face, fracturing her nose, according to the report. One day later, the couple had another fight that resulted in Dwyer punching his wife in the face, throwing a shoe at their child, and punching holes in the wall of their apartment, according to the report.

Dwyer's arrest followed a tumultuous two weeks in which the league came under fire for its tone deaf, capricious handling of multiple domestic violence cases involving active players.