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ISIS forums include plans for bombing the U.S.

ISIS forums have been home to instructions on how to carry out "lone wolf" bomb attacks in the United States, according to a new deep-web investigation.

ISIS message boards have recently posted instructions for creating bombs from household materials like match heads, sugar, and holiday lights, Vocativ reports. Vocativ's monitoring of the forums also unearthed messages encouraging "lone wolf" attacks in popular American tourist destinations in places like New York, Las Vegas, and Texas.

A post in the message board titled, "To the Lone Wolves in America: How to Make a Bomb In Your Kitchen To Create Scenes of Horror in Tourist Spots and Other Targets," includes passages from an English-language Al Qaeda magazine that was allegedly used by the Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston Marathon bombings, according to PBS.

The ISIS post includes details about how to create the bombs with everyday ingredients, claiming the bombs are difficult for even police dogs to detect. An anonymous law enforcement and bomb expert told Vocativ that the bomb directions from the forum are "basic, but potentially lethal" if they are followed correctly. He also notes, however, that while the directions are "accurate," they aren't presenting any "new information or new techniques" for at-home bomb making.