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British museum uncovers secret portrait of Queen Elizabeth I under classic painting

Underneath layers of paint on its Tudor portraits, the U.K.'s National Portrait Gallery has made some interesting discoveries, including a hidden portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

Researchers discovered the hidden portraits with the help of x-ray radiography while preparing the museum's new Tudor portraiture exhibition, "The Real Tudors: Kings and Queens Rediscovered." Culture24 reports that the original portrait was painted over in the 18th century. It featured an older Elizabeth "wearing an elaborate costume with large wings around her head," and was a "warts and all" depiction of the Queen. The 18th-century version, meanwhile, depicted her as younger and more "prettified," Culture24 notes.

The discoveries the National Portrait Gallery made can be seen in the new exhibition, which also features other pieces, including a bust of Henry VII, from the Tudor period.