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Watch a clip from the insane-sounding unofficial Breaking Bad sequel

Earlier this year, Lawrence Shepherd attempted to crowd-fund $500,000 to produce Anastasia, a Breaking Bad sequel starring Val Kilmer — surprising both Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Val Kilmer, who had absolutely no knowledge of the project.

Unfortunately, Kilmer dismissed Shepherd as a "goofball," and Anastasia raised just $1,075 before Shepherd shut it down. But much like Walter White, Shepherd refuses to admit defeat. Anastasia is back, sans Val Kilmer, with a Kickstarter attempting to collect a far more reasonable $100,000. Slash, the guitarist from Guns 'N Roses, is allegedly still attached.

Shepherd's new Kickstarter includes the first two pages of Anastasia's pilot, in which a mysterious figure drags Walter White's unconscious body from the meth lab where Breaking Bad ended. From there, an "elite U.S. Marshals team" dedicated to tracking down "the most elusive and dangerous fugitives" is hot on the case.

How could Walter White possibly be alive? In this clip from Anastasia, a suspiciously well-informed man busts in to explain:

The Kickstarter for Anastasia sits at $310. It has 12 days to make the other $99,690.