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It's Team Fallon vs. Team Roots in a PG-13 Tonight Show Family Feud

It definitely wasn't your daytime Family Feud.

On Monday night's Tonight Show, guest Steve Harvey pitted the Fallon family (Jimmy, guest Jason Segel, and announcer Higgins) against the Roots family (Questlove, Tarik, and James) for Tonight Show Family Feud. The teams were asked to come up with other names for marijuana, instruments least likely to get a band member groupies, and "fill in the blank: I love to play with my what?" Of course, they didn't disappoint, and both teams came up with an assortment of answers that left Harvey alternately annoyed and perplexed.

Watch the clip below to see Harvey put Fallon in his place ("I'm the host of this show") and find out the three instruments that act as groupie repellent (much to the dismay of several members of the Roots). --Catherine Garcia