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See Kathy Bates with a beard in the first American Horror Story: Freak Show trailer

Where can American Horror Story go after tackling a haunted house, an asylum, and a witches' coven? The FX drama is heading to a circus sideshow for its next installment, Freak Show — and given that this season will include a "clown killer" among its many horrors, this might be the creepiest installment yet.

The first full-length trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show invites viewers to meet a few of the show's new characters. There's Kathy Bates as a bearded lady; Michael Chiklis as a circus strongman; Angela Bassett as a three-breasted woman; and Sarah Paulson, playing both heads on a pair of conjoined twin sisters. Appropriately enough, American Horror Story staple Jessica Lange is running the show — but we won't know if she has any freakish qualities herself until the series premieres next month. --Scott Meslow