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Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell found guilty of corruption

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has been found guilty on 11 corruption charges, a federal jury announced Thursday. McDonnell's wife, Maureen, was found guilty on 8 counts of corruption.

McDonnell is the first governor in state history ever to face criminal corruption charges.

In a 14-count federal indictment, prosecutors alleged that McDonnell and his wife received more than $165,000 in gifts, trips, and loans from a local businessman in exchange for special access, and that they illegally tried to hide the transactions. Prosecutors alleged McDonnell connected the businessman, Jonnie Williams Sr, to stop state officials and let him use the governor's mansion to host a launch party for his company's dubious miracle pill, which was not approved by the FDA.

McDonnell, who was charged in January, was once considered a potential top-tier 2016 Republican candidate.