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Mitt Romney: Don't cut military spending or we'll see 'world war'

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) says that if politicians continue to trim military spending, we're doomed to defeat at the hands of an emerging global threat.

"The history of the 20th century teaches that power-hungry tyrants ultimately feast on the appeasers," he writes Thursday in a Washington Post op-ed. He continues:

There are those who claim that a multipolar world is preferable to one led by a strong United States. Were these other poles nations such as Australia, Canada, France and Britain, I might concur. But with emerging poles being China, Russia, and Iran, the world would not see peace; it would see bullying, invasion, and regional wars. And ultimately, one would seek to conquer the others, unleashing world war. [The Washington Post]

The twice-failed presidential candidate has enjoyed a bump of nostalgic Mitt-mentum in 2016 horse race polls of late, boosting speculation he may take another crack at the White House.