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What happens at Burning Man...

Conservative tax warrior Grover Norquist went to Burning Man — and loved it

In an article for The Guardian, Grover Norquist of the fiscally conservative Americans for Tax Reform details his first trip to the Burning Man festival this year. Norquist originally wanted to attend two years ago, but scheduling conflicts intervened:

My wife and I had planned to join the "event" in 2012, but some idiot scheduled the Republican National Convention in Tampa for the same week. I objected, but the overlapping bit of the Venn diagram of Burners and Mitt Romney enthusiasts was perhaps not as large as I had thought. [The Guardian]

When he finally made it this year, Norquist was enthralled. He even gave a speech:

I was invited to speak to a group one night for an hour. Moments before I spoke, I was told that I was the last speaker in a series focusing on psychedelic drugs. My talk was on freedom. I left untouched the cup of coffee and opened soda at my side. The questions lasted two hours. We had a ball. [The Guardian]

Norquist concluded that he wants to attend again next year and bring his children with him. In the meantime, he will undoubtedly continue to collect more signatures to his famous tax pledge. Read his full column at The Guardian.