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Racism, sexism, discrimination reported at federal agency

Employees from the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, America's newest federal agency and pet project of Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, are seeking protection from "racially offensive, sexist, or discriminatory behavior," according to internal agency documents and interviews obtained by the Washington Times.

One employee filed a claim after management reportedly referred to him as a "f--king foreigner." Another case alleges that one of the departments has been dubbed "The Plantation" because it is composed of a large number of black employees who are overseen by white managers.

Several workers contend that limited accountability enables mangers to create mini, powerful "fiefdoms" and oppress underlings. The situation has apparently "simmered for months out of public view," but, according to the Times, the "CFPB acknowledges its employees' complaints about a hostile working environment and says it is working with the National Treasury Employees Union... to settle worker protests."