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Glam rockers Kiss and Def Leppard take Ice Bucket Challenge

These bands definitely weren't high 'n' dry when they made certain their fans would sure know something about a good cause.

At a concert in Indianapolis this past Friday night, '80s rock legends Kiss and Def Leppard both took the Ice Bucket Challenge on stage, with their respective front men Paul Stanley and Joe Elliott announcing donations of $10,000 from each group for ALS research. The groups also welcomed on stage a man who has ALS, for the crowd to give him a good cheer.

Kiss co-leader Gene Simmons even maintained his rock 'n' roll demon persona as the freezing water came pouring down slowly. Also notable was that Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott wore a T-shirt that used an obscenity to refer to beating cancer — perhaps in honor of the band's rhythm guitarist Vivian Campbell, who has been treated twice for Hodgkin's lymphoma in the past year and a half, but has kept on performing.

Kiss nominated fellow musicians Elton John and Rod Stewart — plus the curious choice of self-help guru Deepak Chopra — to also take the Ice Bucket challenge. Meanwhile, Def Leppard challenged U2 and Prince, neither of whom have been known to shy away from a public mission, plus David Coverdale — who previously fired Vivian Campbell from his band Whitesnake back in the late '80s, a few years before Campbell joined Def Leppard.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Def Leppard's YouTube page. --Eric Kleefeld