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The House still always wins

After two decades, a legendary Las Vegas slot machine finally hands over its elusive jackpot

It took 20 years, but one lucky couple finally hit the Lion's Share jackpot at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday night, winning a cool $2.4 million.

The slot machine had a cult following, with visitors coming from all around the world to try their luck. Linda and Walter Misco of Chester, New Hampshire, needed just five minutes of $3-a-spin bets to win it all. "It was surreal when it happened," Walter told Las Vegas Sun columnist Robin Leach (yes, of the rich-and-famous variety). "I just sat there thinking it hadn't actually happened."

Walter and Linda had their run-in with lady luck on the last night of their vacation, and the husband and wife of 48 years plan on using the money to pay for their children and grandchildren's college educations. Walter told Leach that he comes to Las Vegas three or four times a year, and is a regular at the MGM Grand. His previous record win was several thousand dollars on video poker.

Linda and Walter may have won (pre-tax) $2.4 million, but the MGM Grand hasn't shared just how much money has been pumped into the Lion's Share — which is now being retired — over the past two decades. It's likely enough to resurrect Liberace and keep him dripping in diamonds.