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The Newsroom season 3 teaser hints at a dark ending

In the first teaser for the final season of The Newsroom, HBO is taking an unusual approach: building a promotional campaign not on characters or images, but on Aaron Sorkin's actual scripts.

In just 30 seconds, the new teaser offers a bevy of hints about the series' ending for anyone watching with a careful eye. The script pages pass rapidly as they come out of the copier: references to a whistleblower, someone being sent to jail, and Will McAvoy being asked to surrender to U.S. Marshals. Most ominous of all is a final line of dialogue from Will: "Well... I think it's time for me to quit."

Given that this is The Newsroom's final season, it's entirely plausible that the series will end with McAvoy resigning his post — but we won't know for sure until The Newsroom returns in November.