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Crisis in Ukraine

Russia's truck convoy is entering eastern Ukraine

Early Friday, Russia's stalled convoy of about 280 white-painted trucks started rolling across the Ukraine border toward the city of Luhansk, where Ukraine forces are fighting to wrest control from pro-Moscow separatists. Ukraine has apparently not authorized the border-crossing.

Russia acknowledged the move, arguing that Moscow has "a feeling that the current Ukrainian authorities have been consciously putting the humanitarian aid delivery on hold to arrive at a situation where there'll be just no one left to get it," Russian news service RT reports. "We are of course ready for it to be accompanied by Red Cross representatives and for their participation in the aid's distribution," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

That doesn't appear to be happening. An Associated Press reporter at the scene says the first trucks are being driven by Red Cross personnel. But the International Committee of the Red Cross denies any involvement:

Red Cross participation in the convoy was one of Ukraine's conditions for letting the trucks across. Ukraine and Western officials accuse Russia of using the convoy as a pretext for intervening militarily to help the struggling separatists.