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Thousands of dollars raised online for the Brown family and Officer Darren Wilson

Supporters of Michael Brown's family and Officer Darren Wilson have taken to the internet to make donations and share messages of encouragement.

A GoFundMe page for Wilson states that as of late Thursday, 4,328 people have donated $182,163 over the course of four days. The website says that "all proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees." While one recent message used racial slurs, another asked that their donation be used "for your defense from the lynch mob in Ferguson. May God bless and keep you." Several donors said they were members of law enforcement.

A GoFundMe for the Brown family has raised $142,102 from 5,233 people in eight days. A message from attorney Benjamin L. Crump asks that supporters "continue to keep the Brown family uplifted in your prayers." The donations will be used by the family to "cover funeral and burial expenses, travel, and living expenses of the parents as they seek justice for their son." Several notes call for justice to be served, and others remind the Browns that they are not alone. One message reads: "Our deepest sympathies for your terrible loss. Nothing can replace Michael, but hope KNOWING that other people CARE and are SUPPORTING you eases a little pain. Wish I could do more."