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77-year-old John McCain to 21-year-old Johnny Manziel: 'Grow up'

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has some sage advice for Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel: "Grow up."

Speaking with Arizona radio host Mike Broomhead, the septuagenarian senator offered some praise for Manziel, saying he was a "great competitor." But nevertheless, he suggested the quarterback had some maturity issues he needed to work out now that he's in the spotlight.

"I just think he's gotta grow up," McCain said. "When you and I were his age, you know, it's — when I was a young Navy pilot, I'm glad that I wasn't on national television. That's all I can tell you."

Though his pro career hasn't even begun, the rookie QB has made headlines for, among other things: getting suspended from his college team; taking a shirtless mugshot; allegedly partying so hard he left a football camp; flipping the bird at an opposing team; and being caught with a rolled up bill, suggesting drug use. --Jon Terbush