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North Korea calls John Kerry a 'wolf' with a 'hideous lantern jaw'

North Korea has mocked President Obama in the past, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the North has taken to insulting John Kerry as well. On Wednesday, North Korea called the secretary of state a "wolf" with a "hideous lantern jaw."

The statement originally appeared in the Korean Central News Agency, and was then picked up and translated by The Associated Press. AP speculates the statement was "was meant to rally anti-U.S. sentiment" in North Korea.

In the Korean-language dispatch, a spokesperson from the North Korean defense commission called Kerry a "wolf donning the mask of sheep." The unnamed spokesperson then criticized Kerry for stating that the U.S. wants the Koreas to make peace, since the U.S. still went ahead with its annual drills in conjunction with South Korea.

"His behavior fully revealed once again the U.S. inveterate nature as a hypocrite who has deceived and mocked mankind with all sorts of gimmicks," the spokesperson said in the statement.