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Game of Thrones' 'Mountain' is officially the strongest man in Europe

Don't recognize the name of Hafþór Björnsson, the newly crowned winner of Europe's Strongest Man competition? You might know him better as Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, the towering Game of Thrones villain who squared off against Oberyn Martell. Here's a rehash of their bout from the HBO drama's fourth season, for anyone with a strong enough stomach to watch it:

Björnsson's performance in Europe's Strongest Man competition wasn't quite as graphic as his appearance on Game of Thrones — but he proved just as dominant, conquering three categories and earning an overall victory:

"I am the future of strength, and I am the king of the stones!" screamed Björnsson to the roaring crowd in triumph. Somebody should really get him a job writing for Game of Thrones.