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Washington think tank accidentally tells Amnesty International to 'suck it'

"Think before you tweet" is a handy maxim for not embarrassing yourself on social media. "Make sure you're signed in to your personal Twitter account and not your company's official Twitter account when you plan on dropping some sick burns" should be another simple rule, if only to prevent debacles like this from happening:

Yes, that really did happen. The Center for Strategic and International Studies' Twitter account did indeed urge Amnesty International to "suck it" Tuesday. But the insult wasn't sent intentionally: CSIS swiftly apologized and said an intern, believing he was logged in to his own account, fired off the insult.

"This tweet was sent by a CSIS intern who had access to our Twitter account," a CSIS spox told Mashable. "This intern is not authorized to speak for CSIS and I condemn his words."