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Fake pot, real emergency

New Hampshire faces state of emergency after dozens overdose on fake weed

Talk about a buzzkill.

At least 44 people in New Hampshire have accidentally overdosed on synthetic marijuana in the past week, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. Twenty victims have been hospitzliaed, though no one has died after ingesting the pseudo-pot.

"These products pose a serious threat to public health, especially to young people, and it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to combat the recent rash of overdoses," Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) said in a statement.

By declaring a state of emergency, New Hampshire authorities were able to quarantine the alleged culprit: The "Bubblegum "Flavor" of "Smacked!" The product is one of several varieties of synthetic cannabinoids legally sold in New Hampshire, which is one of the few states without a ban on pretend pot. Though fake marijuana is sold, rather tongue-in-cheek, as incense, some people ingest it as a way to legally get high.

The DEA considers the active ingredients in such products to be controlled substances.