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One shot, others arrested as Ferguson protests slip back into chaos

One man was left in critical condition Sunday after being shot in Ferguson, Missouri, as protests continued over the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Authorities said they did not know who shot the man, but noted that a police car responding to the shooting also came under fire.

In addition, seven people were arrested for failing to comply with a new midnight-to-five a.m. curfew intended to quell the unrest that has percolated since an officer shot and killed Brown last Saturday.

The testy night came after a brief period of relative calm in Ferguson, as it seemed the first few days of aggressive police crackdowns had finally been replaced by a tentative truce. Yet late Saturday a cadre of protesters — some of them reportedly armed — refused to return home, prompting police to fire waves of tear gas and smoke canisters as they swept the streets.