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Robin Williams to be immortalized as a World of Warcraft character

As the tributes to beloved late comedian Robin Williams keep pouring in, the latest comes from a somewhat unexpected source: game developer Blizzard Entertainment. Ion Hazzikosta, the lead designer of the massively popular online game World of Warcraft, announced Thursday that Blizzard would create an in-game, non-player character to memorialize Williams.

The move comes after World of Warcraft fans drafted a petition on Change.org, which garnered nearly 11,000 signatures. The petition's creator, Jacob Holgate, referenced Williams' known affinity for World of Warcraft and the gaming community and suggested that the new character "perform some of Williams [sic] best jokes... so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing."

In addition to Hazzikosta's announcement, the official Twitter account for World of Warcraft sent out a tweet honoring Williams. --Kimberly Alters