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Conan O'Brien takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, with a twist

Conan O'Brien joined the ranks of late-night TV hosts who have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS research — though there might have been some comedic confusion along the way.

"Now, a lot of people have been calling me out on this Ice Bucket Challenge — I just want to say, I accept," Conan declared in a cheerful tone. "This sounds like a really sweet deal: Apparently if I get ice water poured on my head, ALS will then pay me $100. That's a pretty sweet deal. I could use that cash. Let's do it!"

Then after the bucket was poured out upon him, Conan learned the truth. And then things got even crazier.

Oh, and when it was all over Conan challenged former President Jimmy Carter, the legendary soccer champion Pelé, and actor Haley Joel Osment to also take the frigid plunge, to help the ALS Association raise money to help fight the illness also commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. And yes, Conan is sending the ALS Association a donation. Check out the video below. --Eric Kleefeld